EOS Airlines' $6500 Roundtrip Airfare 

By Matthew C. Keegan


The venerable SST was retired in June of 2003 after nearly 35 years of service. In its place is a void that has yet to be filled. EOS Airlines, with a fleet of custom outfitted Boeing 757 aircraft is attempting to fill that void. Can they pull it off? The smart money is on the business traveler seeking to arrive in London or New York refreshed and ready to get down to serious business.


This just in: EOS Airlines, an upstart air carrier operating flights between New York’s JFK Airport and London’s Stansted Airport has slashed their fares. For just $5000 round trip passengers can now fly the premium jet carrier and save a bundle. It gets even better than this: purchase one round trip ticket and a companion can fly for free; restrictions apply. Has the airline world gone crazy, or is EOS onto something? Read on for all the amazing details.


On October 25, 2005, EOS Airlines’ “official” inaugural flight took off one week after a series of pre-inaugural flights. Directed toward the business traveler, EOS operates custom outfitted Boeing 757 aircraft with seating for just 48 passengers. EOS, which means “Greek goddess of the dawn”, is offering a level of service unlike any other in the industry.


If you book a flight on EOS Airlines, here is what you can expect, besides paying a premium price:

  • 48 passenger lumbar support seating; every person receives 21 square feet of personal space [individualized suites] for a combined work/rest/dining area;

  • Convertible seats that can be easily changed into a 78 inch long bed; cashmere blanket and Tempur-Pedic® pillow included;

  • Extra large carry on bins;

  • Lighting and laptop outlets for each station;

  • An onboard library to peruse the latest books and videos;

  • On demand food and beverage service comparable to what passengers receive on a corporate jet.

While the price certainly seems steep, keep in mind that prices rival what passengers had paid on Air France’s and British Airway’s super sonic transport [SST] Concorde before it was pulled from the market in June of 2003. In lieu of a jet that can match the SST’s speed, EOS has created a level of service and comfort that exceeds the Concorde. In other words, EOS Airlines is attempting to fill a void created when the SST was pulled from the market.

As with any new air carrier, success is never guaranteed. However, by concentrating on business travelers who frequent the NY to London “bridge” EOS Airlines just may have found a special place for itself within the business community. With no new SST on the horizon, privately held EOS has created a viable alternative to business jet travel and at a price far lower than chartering a Gulfstream 550.

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