Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs)




F/A Requirements,
Part 91


F/A Requirements,
Part 135


Duty Period


Recurrent Training




Initial &
Transition Training


Edited By Matthew C. Keegan


The Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) are the government's legal requirements and rules for the aviation industry. For those people flying corporate there are a number of regulations specific to you, some of which depend on whether you are flying Part 91 (not for hire) or Part 135 which is for U.S.-registered business aircraft that can be flown for compensation (also covers on-demand commercial operations).


I've gathered together some of the more pertinent FARs and have linked them together for your review. I've added comments after each regulation in an attempt to provide a "plain language" explanation of the particular FAR. For the more cumbersome ones, I will allow you to navigate through all the rules, the exceptions to the rules, etc. Please keep in mind that the duty information applies to Part 135, not Part 91. Fractional operators, which include companies such as NetJets, Flight Options, and Flexjet have slightly different rules as outlined under Part 91, Subpart K -- Fractional Ownership Operations.