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Caterer Working Group Mentoring Program


This program is for the new and veteran business flight attendant alike. Work with expert in-flight caterers. They will arrange for you to take a tour of their kitchen; offer to introduce you to the local aviation community; provide assistance/training  in menu planning, plate presentation and garnishing, ordering catering, packaging and other topics of interest. Read More...

Jean Dible, Your Food Safety Connection


Come and learn all about food safety and food handling through Jean Dible's new column. Jean is the President and Founder of the Georgia Food Safety Professionals, an organization that helps corporate flight attendants receive food safety certification.  Read More...

Choosing The Right Cheeses To Go With Your Oregon Wine

Oregon wine is a treat for the senses. Your taste buds will sing and your nose will dance with delight as you sip from the golden cup that is Oregon wine. And if you are a little peckish you should have some cheese to go with your fabulous Oregon wine, but what kind? Read More...


Italian Prosciutto and Cantaloupe Appetizer


Italian prosciutto and cantaloupe appetizer is an easy and delightful beginning to any meal. The delicate salty flavor of prosciutto balances the sweet and juicy cantaloupe to create a taste pleasing appetizer.  Read More...

Cognac Coffee with Sesame Wafers


Are you looking for a coffee/dessert option with a twist? Try cognac coffee with sesame wafers to give your passengers something that they will rave over.  Read More...