The Top Ten Ways to Jump Start Your Career

By Jeanette Kraar


1. Do What You Love. Have you ever noticed we usually love to do the things we're best at? So what's your strength? Discover your passion and excel at what you do.

2. Create Work/Life Balance. It really can be done with a little planning and prioritizing. Professional, Personal, Physical, Financial and Spiritual needs should be considered when planning a life of purpose, satisfaction and success.

3. Manage Your Career. Pay attention to industry and market trends and be proactive in making the changes needed to be a key player in your field.

4. Add To Your Skills and Further Develop Your Abilities. It takes competency in technical AND soft skills to stay ahead of the pack.

5. Get the "4 C's" of professional happiness. When there is a good fit between you and your company in Culture, Chemistry, Competencies and Compensation, mutual opportunities will abound.

6. Build a strong network. There's no better way to stay informed, connected, and professionally known.

7. Stay Flexible. You have to be able to bend without breaking in todayís fast-paced work environment to succeed. Always develop a few "just-in-case" plans to keep in your hip pocket to proactively adapt to change.

8. Learn to love change. Ok, so maybe "love" is a little strong, but those folks who can adapt best, win

9. Demonstrate the difference between being busy and being productive.

10. Always work with integrity and honesty providing impeccable follow-up and follow through.

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