Resume Frequently Asked Questions {FAQ}

By Matthew C. Keegan


The following are the current requirements for having your résumé listed with this site:

  • Only qualified and trained corporate flight attendants may have their résumé featured. This is to ensure that when an employer comes looking for a candidate through this site, that certain minimal training has been accomplished. You need not have worked your first private jet trip in order to be listed.

  • When submitting your résumé you may send a picture and a cover letter to be included. I custom design each résumé, but you are responsible to make sure that the information you give is factual. Your résumé and photograph files must be sent separately as I am unable to work with embedded files.

  • Your résumé will be listed for one full year; included with the charge -- currently $20 per year -- you can request one update of your information. I recommend that you plan for this change somewhere around the midpoint of your one year subscription period, if at all. All changes are handled on my end.

Are you interested? Then, send a copy of your resume to me at for my review. Please indicate when you want your résumé listed -- generally, I do not accept new résumés throughout the year so please take advantage of this opportunity when it is available. Sending your resume to me DOES NOT obligate you to list your résumé here nor does it require that I do the same. If you are planning to submit a photograph and a cover letter, please attach that information as well.


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By Matt Keegan
Revised: 05/24/07