Corporate Flight Attendant

My goal is to provide the best possible service to the client exactly as they request. Whether it is total privacy or impeccible service, that is what they will receive. I have exquisite social skilss and an excellent reliability factor. Fluent in French, Spanish and Portuguese.


  • Board of Trustees, Airline Ambassadors International, 1994 to present, 501c non-profit helping underprivileged children throughout the world.

  • Studied Languages non-stop for 10 years. Fluent in French, Spanish and Portuguese.

  • Board of Directors, Wick Communications. Involved in the growth and development of the company. Especially pushed for the Internet of the Newspapers. The transition is slow, but successful.

  • Worked in the service industry at the Hyatt Hotel in Nice, France

  • Lead and organized Airline Ambassadors missions to El Salvador and Belam Brazil. and Colombia. Lived in Brazil for 6 months. Conducted business in Brazil, very fluent.

  • Traveled and spent time in more than 40 countries. Studied the cultures.

Employment History

Sales Agent at Prudential Life and other companies
October 1993 to Present
Sold life insurance to high level CEOs in Sao Paolo, Brazil.
Sold fashion clothing and jewelry to private clients in Sao Paolo, Brazil.
Sold high end art in San Francisco Art District.
Own and operate my own Jewelry company Giasjewels, still in existence.
Obtained my license to sell Mutual Funds, now expired.
Sold Cars in Savannah Georgia, Sales person of the month.
Worked in retail, restaurants, first job K-mart at the age of 16.
Can Sell Anything!

International Flight Attendant for American Airlines
October 1990 to December 2006
Went through extremely difficult training process, resolved endless situations involving health related emergencies. Flew on Sept.11, 2001. Translated to all the necessary passengers to calm their fears. Constantly trained and updated for emergency medical situations. This is the type of job where you learn something new everyday. Shows great flexibility and excellent personal service skills. Gave me the opportunity to see and study the world.


1988 - Glendale, FL

Universite de Nice - 1984 - Nice, France
BFA Finance/Spanish GPA: 3.8 - Spent more than two years living and working in France.

Georgia Southern University - 1987 - Statesboro, Florida
Masters of International Management - Portuguese and Latin American Studies, Minor in French, GPA: 3.8 Sum Cum Laude


Traveling, studying other cultures, reading, exercise, yoga, learning history, languages, socializing.

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Life Coaching and Personal Assistant at a very high level, full documented confidentiality. Studying and learning the art of coaching.

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