Exclusive List

McEntyre, Keena

Best, Jessica
Carson, Sheila*
Goodman, Matthew
Minjarez, Cynthia*

McEntyre, Keena

Nimon, Angela M.*
Peirick, Pamela

Columbus, OH
Adams, Sherniece*

Dye, Joanne

Florida (Central)
Osterling, Barbie
Stevens, Barbie*

Florida (Southeast)
Kunkel, Marineudes*
Osterling, Barbie
Wick, Cornelia

McEntyre, Keena

Las Vegas
Carson, Sheila*
Davis, Pamela

Los Angeles
Carson, Sheila*
Minjarez, Cynthia*

New York/Long Island
Perrin, Shauniece

Heffelfinger, Cynthia*

Adams, Sherniece*

San Diego
Carson, Sheila*
Minjarez, Cynthia*

* = Willing to Relocate




Corporate Flight Attendants For Hire


Finding A Capable Candidate

If you operate a business jet aircraft, especially one seating ten or more passengers, you need a corporate flight attendant onboard to provide essential third crewmember duties.corporate flight attendant food service

Although not required on most private jet flights, a trained and experienced corporate flight attendant can provide the safety and security assistance your passengers deserve. In addition, a qualified corporate flight attendant is skilled in presenting the ultimate level of in-flight care in the form of exemplary meal services including wine, appetizers, multiple course meals, sumptuous desserts, and more.


On the left side of this page is a list of qualified corporate flight attendants who may be available to crew your next flight. Please click on their name to review their qualifications and to obtain contact information. You will be taken to a separate page; please click on your browser's back button to return to this page.


What Qualifies Someone To Fly Private?

corporate flight attendant cell phoneAs mentioned previously, although a flight attendant is not required on most private jet flights, the candidates who are featured here have each been screened to meet minimum industry accepted training requirements. Each candidate has taken in-flight training classes involving high-end passenger service; food preparation and safety; bloodborne pathogens, emergency response and egress; CPR; and more. Most have paid for their training out of their own pockets understanding that an investment in themselves is an investment in their career as a corporate flight attendant. Always ask for references and request a copy of their training records if needed.


Your Work Agreement

Any agreement to hire a candidate listed herein is between you and that person. The Corporate Flight Attendant Community website simply is acting as a venue to bring companies and individuals together. Each candidate has paid to have a professionally designed, marketed, and maintained web ready resume available for your perusal. The Corporate Flight Attendant Community website cannot be held responsible for any candidate who does not work out according to your expectations. However, feel free to click on the contact link at the bottom of this page to send an email message to me if you have a concern,  a question, or simply would like to extend a compliment.


Thank You!

On behalf of the many candidates featured herein,  the Corporate Flight Attendant Community website would like to thank you for your patronage. We charge no fees to you so that you can have full and unfettered access to corporate flight attendants who are eager to crew your next flight or to join your staff.


Best Regards,

Matthew C. Keegan