Dessert Sauces That Can Be Made From The Condiment Drawer

By Paula Kraft, Tastefully Yours Catering


All of these sauces have instant vanilla pudding as a base…. The joy of using the pudding mix is that you don’t have to mix an entire package at any time. Sprinkle a little in a cup and add any liquid, stir until the desired consistency. These sauces have been made with orange juice, coffee, milk, creamer packets and water, half and half, coffee beverages, instant coffee and water, and fruit juices. Any flavor can be created by starting with a flavored liquid.

Mocha pudding mixed with coffee beverage, or instant coffee and water and a splash if Kalhua if available

Crème de menthe -- pudding mixed with milk, creamer, half and half and a splash of crème de menthe

Chocolate Mint -- pudding mixed with milk and a melted peppermint patty

Cappuccino -- pudding mixed with coffee and shaved Hershey bar

Chocolate -- pudding mixed with milk, cocoa mix or melted chocolate bar, or chocolate syrup

Raspberry -- pudding mixed with smashed berries or jelly pc and any milk or creamer base

Drambue, Amaretto -- pudding mixed with any milk, creamer pc and a splash of any flavor cordial

Strawberry -- pudding mixed with smashed berries or jelly pc and any milk or creamer

Lemon -- pudding mixed with lemonade or water and freshly squeezed lemon

Pineapple -- pudding mixed with pineapple juice

Orange -- pudding mixed with orange juice. You may add diced orange sections for additional texture

Rum Raisin -- pudding mixed with any milk, 1 mini box raisins and a splash of rum


Author Information:

Copyright 2006 -- Paula Kraft is the president and founder of Tastefully Yours Catering in Atlanta, GA.  Paula invites you to check out her selection of international favorites sure to delight your passengers.