Enhancing Your Online Resume 

By Matthew C. Keegan


I have been listing resumes for corporate flight attendants online for nearly four years now. When I first started, just about anyone/everyone could display their qualifications and that original offer was free. Let's just say that the response was overwhelming with more than 100 candidates featured at one time! Since that time, I have learned a few things about posting resumes. One of the most important: don't open the offer up for just anyone.  Next, charge for the service. I'll expound on these first two points later on, so keep reading if you want to learn how to enhance your online corporate flight attendant resume.


It was back in March 2003 when I added web pages to what had been a message board only community. After managing the original site on MSN communities for six months, I believed that the Corporate Flight Attendant Community could benefit by having information driven web pages included with the site. Within days traffic surged and the new site began to take off. Soon, I started to think of other ways to bring in traffic and adding corporate flight attendant resumes was one of them.


I came up with an offer permitting people to submit their resumes to the site and I would, in turn, design them for the internet and link them to the site. What began as a 6 month freebie offer soon became a one year long offer and, later, a two year freebie offer. The program was a resounding  success and it generated tons of traffic and job opportunities until I ended the program on April 30, 2005.


The big drawback to the program -- besides the time it took for me to do all the work -- was that too many people who had little or no experience or no training also wanted in. As long as they had some sort of flying experience, commercial for example, I wasn't too picky. Unfortunately, recruiters and others in a position of authority weren't always impressed and would sometimes utter statements to me such as, "it is hard to cull through the list." Or, "I wish only serious candidates were listed."


Right then I knew that I would have to change the site's policy and that I did. Today, I now require that all candidates have some sort of corporate experience and/or training. In addition, the $89 charge for a one year subscription allows for candidates to include their resume, photograph, and a a cover letter. Most importantly, I optimize each resume page to ensure that it gets the best search engine exposure and then I promote the site for further attention. Believe me, those wanting a free thing are no longer to be found!


To get the most of your corporate flight attendant online resume I recommend you doing the following:


Get it custom designed. Most of the corporate flight attendant resumes I see online are simply ugly. I cannot believe what people are paying for a resume that has no web presence to it. I mean, you are looking for work, right?


Stay away from bad neighborhoods. That's right, just because the site is free doesn't mean you want to be associated with it. You may have current training, top notch experience, but be listed with wannabes who do not take their career aspirations seriously. Why be lumped in with anyone but the best?


Photographs? Sure, why not! If you are going to include a photograph, select a professional headshot photo. Don't grouse over the fact that people will judge you on your looks. Give me a break: what do you think goes on in the interview process? Yes, you had better know your stuff, but you also have to look the role too.


Get linked. It is one thing to have your resume online, it is another to have it online and linked properly. Does your resume have links elsewhere on the site? [I give at least three] Will your resume show up in the search engines? Does it achieve its own Google page rank?


Be content savvy. Finally, make certain that your resume lists what everyone wants it to say. You can include your objective, your training background, education, and work history. Remember: a resume simply is the highlights of your career. You don't have to list every single job you have ever held. Save those details for the job application!


Okay, that about wraps it up. Sorry for rambling, but I am passionate about your online resume and that it looks its very best, is informative, and is searchable. If you meet these three minimum requirements, than it can certainly open some doors for you. Maybe at least one to your next gig!

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