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FoodNouveau 04-12-2011 10:24 AM

Looking for first/business class flight attendants for magazine article
Hello! I'm writing an article about food served in first and business class. I'm looking for first/business flight attendants who would be willing to answer a few questions about their work experience (this is NOT a survey). I'm especially looking for people who work (or worked) with Lufthansa, Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Delta,or Virgin, but I'm interested to hear about any experience with any airline.

Here are my questions, if you have just 2 minutes to answer I would be very grateful! You can post back or send me a line at Thanks :)

1. Have you ever served "celebrity-chef" meals in the past? If yes, which chef created the meals you've served?

2. If you've served "celebrity-chef" meals in the past, is the preparation to reheat and serve these meals the same or different than regular meals? Is it easier or more complicated to serve?

3. If you've served "celebrity-chef" meals in the past, have you also tasted them? If yes, which chefs created the meals you've tasted? In your opinion, are they better than "regular" meals?

4. If you've served "celebrity-chef" meals in the past, how do you find customers react to these meals? Do they like it better than regular meals? Do they talk about it? Does it seem to factor in the customer's decision to book an airline over another?

5. What is the biggest challenge in making/reheating/serving meals in first/business class? What is the biggest limitation?

Thanks again for your collaboration.

FoodNouveau 04-12-2011 12:19 PM

gulstreamgal: I'm indeed who I say I am, just a Canadian food & travel writer who's looking for information to write an article about airline food. I know that I could phone airlines but I didn't want any of the PR crap they would serve me (which is all available online anyways). I was looking for honest opinions from people who work everyday in the field.

I thought this forum would be a good and friendly way to reach flight attendants but I'm sorry if my post is inappropriate and if I've offended anyone from this community.

Flight Star 04-13-2011 03:55 PM

I have used celebrity chefs while flying corporate..either the chef was onboard or the food was prepared by the chef and delivered to the aircraft. In my over 30 years flying commercial I never used a celebrity chef in first or business class. I am guessing that will be the norm with commercial flight attendants.

I have never cooked onboard, used an electric skillet or self prepared anything other than salads or sandwiches. I choose not to do that.

In answer to your celebrity chef question....I have used Rocky Durham of Santa Fe, well-known author and TV personality. You may search for him on the web.

I also used a celebrity chef from Azerbaijan but would have to look for his name. Years ago when I first started doing corporate, I flew with a chef all the time but his name escapes me, all I remember is he was French, he prepared onboard but always cold food.

Hope this helps.


Flyright 04-14-2011 09:07 AM

hmmm..never worked with or known anyone who has worked with a celebrity chef.

Our FA's..when time permits will bake from scratch on board, pastries, bread, buns etc.. not my favorite thing to do but pax love it.

I will check with my colleagues..but I am pretty sure as it has been previously posted, that the majority of corporate FA's do all the work.

Good luck..and let us know when the article comes out.

GalleyKat 05-19-2011 11:40 AM

I do all my own cooking. But I was trained under Wolfgang Puck at Spago. I used to work at the old Hollywood location. Some of my old clients LOVED this and always told all the new passengers where I used to work. I do copy reciepes from there and other places. One I first started, I used to take Sherry Yard's desserts with me to work. Left over from the night before.

Gosh, in the old days, I use to eat 9 desserts a night, instead of throwing them away. That sure doesn't happen anylonger. Darn size 8 pants, used to be a 4 or 6!

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