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nilson 05-19-2007 10:20 PM

Murphy's-Boise, ID
Yummers! Great Filet, great wine list, they even have some dessert wines! The sides were delicious and they have this decadant dessert that looks like a baked potato, (Idaho, y'know) anyway, this "baked potato dessert" is chocolate chip ice cream, dusted with sweetened cocoa then squirted with real whipped cream, to look like a sour cream topped baked potato. Just plan on gaining like 7 pounds when you sit down. They also have a great selection of seafood....[/i]

lovewater 04-22-2010 04:31 PM

I live in Boise and Murphy's is one of my favorite restaurants! The "Idaho Potato" is a staple dessert here in Idaho! They also have a fantastic Happy Hour so the next time you are staying over in Boise, it's a must!

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