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Vista is still has a long way to go. You never want to install a Microsoft product its first few months of release. Let everyone else find out the hard way what the security bugs are then wait for microsoft to put out its firt couple patches for them which they do the first Tuesday of the month.

On another note... if you can leave your PC and get a Mac I highly suggest it. I made the switch a year ago and it is the BEST thing I have ever done. Period. The computer boots up in less than 30 seconds. It connects effortlessly to wireless internet connections in hotels. Its is fast, light and looks good too!

If you do have some applications that require a PC then you can install software called Parallels (49.99 USD) which will run Windows on the new Intel Macs. So basically you have the best of both worlds.

In terms of viruses, spyware, etc... Macs are far less likely to get any of these since most viruses are written to exploit holes in the Windows operating system.

While I am at it.... you should also use Firefox as a web browser instead of Internet Explorer....

Just my 2 cents.

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