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Default Looking for first/business class flight attendants for magazine article

Hello! I'm writing an article about food served in first and business class. I'm looking for first/business flight attendants who would be willing to answer a few questions about their work experience (this is NOT a survey). I'm especially looking for people who work (or worked) with Lufthansa, Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Delta,or Virgin, but I'm interested to hear about any experience with any airline.

Here are my questions, if you have just 2 minutes to answer I would be very grateful! You can post back or send me a line at Thanks

1. Have you ever served "celebrity-chef" meals in the past? If yes, which chef created the meals you've served?

2. If you've served "celebrity-chef" meals in the past, is the preparation to reheat and serve these meals the same or different than regular meals? Is it easier or more complicated to serve?

3. If you've served "celebrity-chef" meals in the past, have you also tasted them? If yes, which chefs created the meals you've tasted? In your opinion, are they better than "regular" meals?

4. If you've served "celebrity-chef" meals in the past, how do you find customers react to these meals? Do they like it better than regular meals? Do they talk about it? Does it seem to factor in the customer's decision to book an airline over another?

5. What is the biggest challenge in making/reheating/serving meals in first/business class? What is the biggest limitation?

Thanks again for your collaboration.
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