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Default Trattoria Vaticano; Toronto, Canada

tlc33 shared these comments in December 2005:

Trattoria Vaticano is a five star italian restaurant. The owner is Felice Vacca. He was the head chef at Sotto Sotto for years. His family moved to Canada from Italy and they opened Sotto Sotto. They are exclusive restaurants frequented by the entertainment industry. While half of all movies are filmed in Toronto-these two restaurants are located near Bloor st in Yorkville-right next to the Four Seasons hotel. Felice opened up Trattoria Vaticano on his own(his sister still owns Sotto Sotto) and it too is a staple. Everything is homemade and amazing! Felice is a personal chef to many of the stars while they are filming. He is constantly preparing meals for his clients and bringing them to the sets.

He will prepare whatever you want-drive it out to the FBO-we always go into Peidmont Hawthorne but im sure he will drop anywhere-he does it all for a fraction of the cost of a caterer!! It is unheard of I know-but its important for him to keep his customers happy and also knows the benefit of advertising his delicious fare! If you call any of the five star hotels they will refer you to his restaurant. PLease check out his website-

Trattoria Vaticano
25 Bellair St-lower level
Toronto Ontario, Canada M5S 3G2

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