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Default Why would you want to do the Hajj???

I flew the Hajj back in 1996 for Tower Air. I was based in Jeddah with about 130 other f/as. We used 6 747 aircraft for 3 months. 6 weeks was phase one and 6 weeks was phase two. The aircraft were trashed beyond help. When people joke about stoves in the aisles and passengers cooking, these were the flights they were talking about. Not to be graphic, but most do not know how to use a lavatory on the ground let alone at 35000 feet. There were "ant hills" about 3 feet tall in most of the lavatories which required them to be declared "inop" within the first 2 hours of flight. I don't think I need to tell you what happened on landing. Needless to say the flight attendants in the back had to hold their feet up in the air for landing. It was a nightmare! I did it once, and never again. Especially with the state of the world these days. There is a constant threat against westerners on the compounds in the Kingdom. They have even bombed a popular mall in downtown Jeddah which was thought to be safe. That was where we did all of our shopping for "American" products.
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