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The TAJ hotel and Obiroy (sp) hotel are great, take tins that fit your ovens.. Your more then likely going to have to pick up your order, so be sure to have a spare cooler to transport it to the airport, so be sure to ck hours of operation if you have any early departures.Where exactly are you going ?? CK the cities to see if they have either hotel, google the local info and contact their guest services or catering manager, they can send you menus etc if their not already on their web site. ICE for cooling bev, etc let alone dry ice are right at impossible to get.. Also take you linens to the hotels to get done, make sure it is the first thing you do, drop off the laundry.. Cloths get back really fast, but I have always had to wait for bedding etc & make sure the sheets are dry all the way through, as they can get musky, moldy in the heat. There are grocery stores that carry a lot of yogurt etc & imported foods.. I love India and can't wait to get back there. They are all very serious at customs, however I've never encountered anything other then delays, as they seem to chat amongst themselves.. a lot. Best plan is to always be with a pilot if your going out, other wise there are a lot of people that pester you.. if you have any other questions just pm me..
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