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I have used celebrity chefs while flying corporate..either the chef was onboard or the food was prepared by the chef and delivered to the aircraft. In my over 30 years flying commercial I never used a celebrity chef in first or business class. I am guessing that will be the norm with commercial flight attendants.

I have never cooked onboard, used an electric skillet or self prepared anything other than salads or sandwiches. I choose not to do that.

In answer to your celebrity chef question....I have used Rocky Durham of Santa Fe, well-known author and TV personality. You may search for him on the web.

I also used a celebrity chef from Azerbaijan but would have to look for his name. Years ago when I first started doing corporate, I flew with a chef all the time but his name escapes me, all I remember is he was French, he prepared onboard but always cold food.

Hope this helps.

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