Fractional Jet Leaders


There are four, large fractional jet operators who make up more than 95% of the industry's sales. NetJets, CitationShares, FlightOptions, and Flexjet are the the Big Four, with several smaller companies now in the mix. NetJets is by far the largest of them all, selling more fractional jet shares than the rest of the industry combined!

This list does not include companies involved in selling fractional ownership in the VLJ -- Very Light Jet -- category; instead, the list features companies selling fractional ownership primarily for mid cabin sized aircraft on up.

Depending on the aircraft featured and program touted, customers can purchase as little as 1/32 share of a Boeing BBJ to 1/4 share of a Gulfstream 550. Each fractional jet company has their own plans, so please visit their respective sites to find out more information, including current hiring opportunities.