Enhancing Product Marketing Through Effective Visual Strategies

By Matthew C. Keegan


Mike Napoli, Commercial Photographer

Two very important aspects of every advertising campaign must include coupling expert photography with persuasive copywriting. While word usage is important, a picture alone truly does say a thousand words: either for or against your product. As one who has produced winning photography for over thirty years I will share with you how I make certain that your photographs are a successful part of an effective advertising campaign.


When viewing an advertisement there are certain sensory perceptions that the seller desires to evoke which must be conveyed via the careful work of the photographer. These perceptions must attract the reader – your target audience – long enough for them to stop, view, read, and make a decision to purchase your product. Depending on the product being sold, advertisers hope that certain perceptions such as warmth, hope, energy, nostalgia, peace, desire, and youth are conveyed; in other words: pleasure.


In my work I stress effective lighting techniques to capture the essence of what your product is about. Whether you are producing an advertisement that markets ketchup or you desire a layout featuring a factory floor, your product will not be perceived in the best possible light if it isn’t photographed in the best possible light. Naturally, there are times when this goal may be a bit of a challenge, but with my expertise I carefully observe how light comes into contact with the subject, what impact does the tone or color have on it, i.e. cobalt blue, molten red, sunshine yellow; the shape of the subject: does it embody rigid edges, sweeping lines, gentle curves? As a photographer I can manipulate all of this by searching for shades and shadows, shifting intensities of tone and hues. Where all else fails I can remedy the problem by utilizing Photoshop.


I like to tell my customers that I will photograph anything from soup to nuts -- literally. My favorite subject is food and I do not consider my work to be successful unless I know that the picture makes people hungry. It is this same type of persuasive photography that I like to apply to larger objects including the previously mentioned factory floor. Where one person observes simple machinery, I am able to provide the detail and interest necessary to show people that the equipment plays a significant role in generating profit for your company. In other words, I bring out positive feelings for everything I photograph.


I would be happy to meet with you in person to discuss your visual needs. You can view samples of my work at: http://www.mnapoli.com; you can reach me at (973) 284-1134 or via e-mail at: m.napoli@worldnet.att.net. Let me help you in your goal to promote an effective marketing strategy for your product line.

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Matt Keegan is The Article Writer who writes on a variety of social, human interest, as well as business related topics. Please visit his blog for writing information. Photograph by Mike Napoli.