New Air Carriers Await First Flight 

By Matthew C. Keegan

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As difficult as the airline market has been with high fuel costs, labor problems, financial losses, and the like, the U.S. airline industry is set to see several more carriers enter this highly competitive market. It is a fact that most new carriers ultimately fail, however during their short life spans consumers can get cheap fares on new aircraft winging them to exciting destinations.

The following is a list of pending carriers waiting to take first flight:

Maxjet Airways: Based near Dulles Airport in Washington, DC, Maxjet is poised to launch its inaugural flight on November 1, 2005 from New York to London. This privately owned air carrier recently received FAA certification and is in the midst of hiring and training new employees. Visit for more information.

EOS Airlines: Like Maxjet, EOS has received FAA certification and is planning to start flying ultra luxury Boeing 757 aircraft between New York’ JFK Airport and London’s Standsted Airport on November 1, 2005. Ticket specials will allow passengers to fly for “just” $5000. round trip! Corporate headquarters are just outside of New York City in Purchase, NY. For more information visit

Primaris Airlines: Primaris Airline has been in business for several years already with their one aircraft, a Boeing 757 used exclusively to fly around the Washington, DC press corps. In October 2004, with much fanfare, the airline announced that they were purchasing nearly $4 billion of all new Boeing aircraft. In the meantime their web site at states that they expect to start flying between New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco in late 2005 with leased aircraft. International service and an expanded domestic route system will supposedly be in place sometime in 2006.

Virgin America: At present, Virgin America is in the early stages of development. Management is being hired and the company is awaiting DOT and FAA approval. Eventually, the Richard Branson inspired airline plans to acquire 105 Airbus aircraft serving undisclosed destinations in the US and abroad. For more information, please visit

Mexus Airlines: Currently a paper airline, Mexus is attempting to secure financing and hopes to eventually provide service between airports in the USA and Mexico. Visit for more information.

Skybus Airlines: Advertising as America’s ultra low fare airline, the company is in the same position as Mexus. Visit to look at their one page site.

Atlantic Express: No web site, just a gleam and a dream in someone’s eyes!

One of these carriers may “get lucky” and beat the “naysayers” and survive. Regardless, consumers are the real winners as new airlines keep the pressure on the industry to provide newer aircraft, better service, and at generally heavily discounted fares. What could be better than that?

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Matt Keegan is the owner of a successful web design and marketing company based in North Carolina, USA. He manages several sites including the Corporate Flight Attendant Community and Jet Venue. This article originally appeared in print Autumn 2005, therefore some of the information provided has since been updated.