Corporate Flight Attendants Increase Online Visibility

By Matthew C. Keegan

Private jet flight attendants are now getting promoted like never before. Utilizing the most advanced CSS layout methods and current marketing standards, savvy crewmembers are touting their skillsets to a broader audience with their online resumes.

Cary, NC (PRWEB) June 9, 2006

Corporate flight attendants now have a useful tool to help them market themselves. The Corporate Flight Attendant Community -- the internet's premier web site for business flight attendants -- is featuring two dozen resumes of prospects from across the USA and Australia. Utilizing the latest CSS layout methods, each resume is custom designed and displayed to maximize internet appearance and marketing.

Founded by Matthew C. Keegan in August 2002, the Corporate Flight Attendant Community is a site "for business flight attendants, their supporters, and people aspiring to become one." The community exists to inform, connect, and promote the careers and aspirations of corporate flight attendants worldwide.

Trained and qualified corporate flight attendants can take advantage of this valuable, limited time offer today. For just $89 per year, your resume will be featured on the site, receive three internal hyperlinks to your page, and be part of whatever additional marketing campaigns are developed for the site.

Come join the community that has made such a big difference in the lives of private jet flight attendants everywhere. Register on our free forums today and be a part of something big.