Weary Flight Attendants Find Valuable Help

Through the Corporate Flight Attendant Community

By Matthew C. Keegan

Airline flight attendants seeking a successful exit from commercial flying are increasingly turning to business aviation for relief. The Corporate Flight Attendant Community is a web portal exclusively dedicated to assisting cabin crewmembers the world over.

Cary, NC (PR LEAP) August 30, 2006

The Corporate Flight Attendant Community, a web information portal for private jet flight attendants recently marked its fourth anniversary online. Founded in August 2002, the Corporate Flight Attendant Community is a welcome alternative for flight attendants seeking to leave the rigors and stress of commercial aviation behind. Indeed, in light of the ongoing troubles facing the airlines due to increased security risks and employee cutbacks, this one-of-a-kind website benefiting cabin crewmembers has proven to be most helpful. To that end, Matthew C. Keegan who founded and still manages the community recently announced two changes to the site in order to continue to reach additional members and to help current corporate flight attendants further their careers.


The first change is the addition of Jean Dible as a contributing columnist. Ms. Dible, who is the President and Founder of the Georgia Food Safety Professionals, has agreed to pen a bi-monthly column titled, "Your Food Safety Connection." Her initial article, Food Safety Savvy: Hepatitis A, explores the danger of contracting or spreading disease when handling and serving food. Ms. Dible draws on her expertise as a food safety instructor who offers a Food Safety Certification course expressly developed for corporate flight attendants, official recognition that is increasingly being demanded by select flight departments across the country, most certainly the world.


The second change is the reintroduction of a successful resume and design posting service for qualified and trained cabin crewmembers. Realizing that many corporate flight attendants need a venue whereby they can feature their qualifications, Mr. Keegan is once again accepting resumes from a select group of motivated candidates. Each candidate must have their qualifications reviewed by Mr. Keegan before he decides to post their resume. If selected, the candidate will be able to subscribe to a one year listing featuring a resume page that meets all current web design qualifications. Photos and cover letters are also welcome; qualified candidates receive three links to their resume from the site and are automatically included with any promotional campaign that is being marketed. Currently, 30 members from the USA and Australia have taken advantage of this offer; Mr. Keegan is making this subscription available to qualified cabin crewmembers worldwide. Please read Mr. Keegan's article, Corporate Flight Attendant Cover Letter for tips on how to craft a winning cover letter to go with your expert resume.


About Corporate Flight Attendant Community and Matthew C. Keegan


Founded in August 2002, the Corporate Flight Attendant Community stands unique on the internet. The site provides engaging and informative articles written Mr. Keegan and other recognized authorities; helpful industry related links; catering and food service information; and a dynamic message board community for members. Mr. Keegan regularly communicates to community members via email distributions and through his blog, Corporate F/A Dispatch. Mr. Keegan has approximately 15 years experience in business aviation and is available for media interviews, corporate marketing and writing, and for other projects. You may contact Ruthie Keegan, Business Manager, at 919-462-7062 to discuss your needs.