Savory Sauces That Can Be Made From The Condiment Drawer

By Paula Kraft, Tastefully Yours Catering


If you are on a trip and are in need of making a sauce, you may already have all of the ingredients with you to put together a great recipe. The following are some ideas for making sauces while in-flight.


Cumberland Sauce -- Equal amounts of grape jelly and orange marmalade. Add in a touch of Dijon Mustard.Best served with duck, venison, or chicken.


Peanut Sauce -- Equal amounts of peanut butter, orange marmalade and water. Best served with chicken or beef satay.  


Brown Sauce -- Equal amounts of A-1 steak sauce and water. Best served with beef.


Citrus Sauce -- Equal amounts of orange marmalade and water. Best served with seafood or chicken.   Honey


Dijon Sauce -- Equal amounts of honey and Dijon Mustard. Best served with chicken.  


Horseradish Sauce or Dip  -- Equal amounts of horseradish and mayo OR equal amounts of sour cream and horseradish. Best served with tenderloin, beef or seafood  


Honey Citrus -- Equal amounts of honey and water with squeezed lemon OR use a orange instead.  Best served with chicken or seafood.  


Balsamic Vinaigrette -- Equal amounts of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. A small amount of sugar is optional. Best used as a salad dressing.  


Thousand Island Dressing -- Equal amounts of mayo and catsup. Best used as a salad dressing.  


Mint Au jus -- Equal amounts of A-1 sauce and water heated with one mint hard candy.  


Breading for Chicken -- Choose either corn flakes, plain potato chips, crackers or a granola bar. Use olive oil, egg, honey, mustard, catsup, jelly or water to coat chicken. Put into oven to crisp.


Author Information:

Copyright 2006 -- Paula Kraft is the president and founder of Tastefully Yours Catering in Atlanta, GA.  Paula invites you to check out her selection of international favorites sure to delight your passengers.