Beating Travel Ailments 


Don't let common travel ailments ruin your vacation! Most travel bugs can be avoided with just a little caution and forethought. The most common travel ailments come from germs that are found either on objects or in food. Fortunately, there are techniques you can use to avoid these nasty little bugs.


There are three basic complaints most people have when it comes to travel ailments. Stomach ailments are the number one issue with most travelers. Flus and colds come in a close second, and rashes come in at number three. Most of these ailments are more common in certain destinations or locations. While these certainly aren't the only possible ailments you'll face, they are the most common.


Stomach ailments seem to be more prevalent in third world or developing countries. This can often be due to sanitation issues, since many of these countries don't have sufficient water sanitization systems. In addition, many of these countries don't have established food governing body in place either, meaning that no one regulates the food establishments to make sure that the food is safe. When traveling in these countries, consider buying only prepackaged food and drinks. You'll also want to rinse any utensils you use and brush your teeth with bottled water. And it may seem silly, but you'll also want to avoid drinking from glasses or using ice cubes from most establishments.


Most cold and flu viruses are contracted during the travel process, before you even reach your destination. Think about it when you've got hundreds of people shoulder-to-shoulder in one plane, someone is bound to be sick. Buses and cruise ships can also be a breeding ground for these types of germs. In order to protect yourself from these germs, be sure to use hand sanitizer or wet naps after touching common items like railings or restroom facilities. Try not to touch objects with your bare hands, but if you do, always wash afterwards or use an alcohol-based sanitizer. You can also take sanitizers like Oust or Lysol with you to kill germs on surfaces and in the air if you're traveling on a cruise ship.


Another common travel complaint the rash originates in certain parts of the world. These travel ailments are usually found in tropical climates and also desert climates. This is usually due to the number of different insects and bugs the spread germs around. Many people will also have reactions to plants and other irritants they've never been exposed to. Research can be the best tactic for beating these ailments. You may want to read up on which plants are the most irritating in order to avoid them. You can also use a bug repellent to help keep those pesky bugs at bay. Consider a long-lasting lotion that's waterproof for the best results.


Preparation is the best defense in beating travel ailments. Make sure you're aware of the risks you're facing and what treatments are available. If you need additional information, many travel guides can suggest tips and tricks to avoiding local ailments.